Team Bicycles Inc. (TBi) is an organization to develop and promote safe cycling in and around the North Texas area for all forms of bicycle road racing, fast recreational riding and track racing. Membership is not restricted to any geographic location as TBi is open to membership to all geographic locations.

TBi is affiliated with USA Cycling and it is also a founding member of the Texas Bicycle Racing Association (TxBRA). This organization was founded in 1986 as the Mid-Cities Wheelmen (MCW) and became known as Team Bicycles, Inc. in 2001.

A group of Team Bicycles Inc members preparing to start a ride together

TBi caters to people of all ages, professions and capabilities who enjoy riding, training, or participating in bicycle rally/racing events.

We are an open team – you do not have to be invited to join. Ride with us a few times to see if we’re what you’re looking for in terms of organization, speed, intensity and purpose. You don’t have to be a licensed USACycling racer to join, merely want to ride whether to improve fitness, skill, or racing intensity. With as wide a membership as TBi has, there is, most probably, someone with which you can ride.

Part of the reason for joining a team is for the support it provides us in our bicycling endeavors. Much of that support is subjective … people with which to ride … people from whom we may receive advice and encouragement … help in competing or just participating in bicycle events. Why not join today?